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The most loving Father in the world cannot compare to our heavenly Father and the love He has for us. And yet, many times we find it easier to believe in the willingness of a father or mother or mate to help us, than in the willingness of God to use His power on our behalf.

Relatively few of us really doubt God’s ability. Rather, it is our doubt of His willingness to use His ability on our behalf that causes most of us to do without.

Jesus is assuring us that God’s love, and His willingness to demonstrate that love, is far greater than we can ever experience in any human relationship.

It was the “good pleasure of His will” for us to become adopted sons. (Eph.1:5) We are wanted and accepted by our Father! What a wonderful thing this is!

It would have been more than any of us deserve to be forgiven by God. Then to be given certain rights and privileges would have been more than we could have expected. But the Lord went further than that. He has actually accepted us. The Lord does not just tolerate us; He actually loves us. He even likes us. He rejoices over us with joy. (Zeph. 3:17)

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