The expansion of God’s Kingdom throughout the world with a message of grace, forgiveness, and the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. A ministry empowered by the Holy Spirit and accompanied by equipping, restoration, deliverance, and healing.


Provide a church home where a family of believers is encouraged and equipped to pursue intimacy with God, living a grace-filled life empowered by the Holy Spirit and growing relationships with others. Our goal is to help move people from where they are to where God wants them to be and see them saved, healed, set free, discipled, equipped, empowered and serving.

- Our Mission


Spend time in God’s company strengthening our intimate relationship with Him, becoming His friends and getting to know Him on deeper, more personal levels.

Be responsive to the Holy Spirit in both life and ministry.

Allow the power of the Jesus’ love, mercy, grace, truth, purity, power, integrity and servant leadership shine through all we do.

Advance God’s kingdom, invoking the Spirit’s powerful presence, ministering through the Spirit’s gifts, and seeing God heal and work wonders.

Develop deeper relationships with fellow believers and the community, that through prayer and our testimonies we may see:
  • Lives impacted and transformed
  • Hearts and minds liberated
  • Bodies healed and made whole
  • Marriages rescued
  • Families strengthened
  • Addictions and bondages destroyed
  • Relationships fortified
  • Finances restored